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18th Century



This tabletop
brazier inspired from examples in
Le Secq des Tournelles Museum of Rouen
and can be seen in
'Decorative Antique Ironwork'
by Henry Renee D'Allemagne.
The brazier's size is 6" tall, the base pan is 4 " in diameter
and 10" wide with handle.

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'Decorative Antique Ironwork'
by Henry Renee D'Allemagne
The page from the catalogue that was my
inspiration and I used for reference.

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Henry Renee D'Allemagne
standing in front of the Museum
Le Secq des Tournelles Museum of Rouen
My visit to the Museum
in Rouen France 2011

When I first made this Brazier I only had the page above as reference to go by.
As you can see there is no indication of size so I built it to my own liking.
When I finally went to France to visit the Museum I went straight away to find the brazier.
Quite anxious I was to see it's actual size.
I was happy to find that I had guessed correctly and that my reproduction was the same size
( as seen below left)
and how surprised I was to see how small the other braziers were
that were on the same page of the catalogue.

Le Secq des Tournelles Museum of Rouen
Here I am with The Originals  
The original  

Every piece is hand made. 




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